Apriori helps business leaders and their teams engage on a deeper, more effective level with diverse stakeholders: employees, colleagues, customers, partners, boards and other authorities.

We work with senior executives, managers and team leaders in the life sciences and healthcare space who want to make a lasting improvement to organisational performance, as well as individuals seeking to fulfil their own development goals.

We are experts in human behaviour and how people influence each other. Our approach is a research-based blend of psychology, neuroscience, change management and coaching, which we have successfully applied in a wide range of organisations and contexts. Apriori has supported pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies across Europe and North America to optimise their stakeholder engagement, sales and marketing, and training functions for more than 15 years.

How we work
Our first step is to hold an explorative consultation to define the client’s needs and the stakeholder landscape. Initial stakeholder engagement usually involves interviews, surveys and at least one facilitated group event. Through this we seek to:

• Clarify intent. Optimal stakeholder engagement begins with a clear goal. We bring the insight that comes with distance, asking smart questions to shape a strategy that is impactful, achievable and sustainable, and testing it with key stakeholders.

• Develop compelling content. Influencing others means telling a compelling story. We help our clients to craft their key messages for maximum impact.

• Shape the engagement process. Effective face-to-face engagement can be taught. We deliver one-on-one coaching and group training to equip teams with the skills to plan, open and lead a successful interaction.

At Apriori, we are committed to supporting our clients’ values and reputations, to respecting personal and corporate confidentiality, and to working with complete transparency in everything we do.

To discuss your needs and how Apriori could help you achieve more effective stakeholder engagement, please contact us.


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